Sunday, March 22, 2009

a new step into the dark

So i had a personal revelation yesterday.... I quit my job... I grew tired of dealing with boss' that had no clue as to how things should properly run at a bar, and would not listen to any help or reason... i was by title the bar manager, but was micromanaged every step of the way, no matter how small or ridiculous. from being pulled aside during a busy friday night to be told that i had to empty the water from all the candles, and only put one tablespoon of water in them, to then being told to fire all of the barbacks. who make it possible for a bartender to constantly make drinks... I refused.. asked for one week to show them that things could run better my way... one co-worker walked. I had that epiphany that it was time... I laugh, picturing the owners and the inept/idiotic bartender who is now the senoir most trying to figure out the ordering.... lol... lucky for them i decided not to drop a deuce in the ice machine....

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