Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ok kids, here we are for lesson #2 in my booze recipe.
It has been two weeks since I've put my peels with my everclear.Now, part 2
What you Need
#1- large sauce pan or something to boil water in.
#2- 5 and a half cups of water
#3- 6 cups of sugar
#4- a strainer of some type
#5- a larger glass jar container thingy

so, go ahead and get your water on the heat, bring it to a boil, add your sugar and stir till it fully dissolves. Take the pot off of heat.
If you like, you can shock the pan to speed up the cooling process, and that would be in cold water, with or without ice, not 2 in the pink, one in the stink for you sick minded people like me out there.You have just made simple syrup, yay you.
While your syrup is cooling, strain out the peels and place the booze in your larger jar.
When the syrup is room temp. add it to the large jar with the booze. As you do it it gets all cloudy, like when you drink absinthe and the water running off the sugar cube does the same... mmmm absinthe..
Next, place the large jar in a cool dark place again, and shake it twice a day or whenever you think about it.. Do this for three weeks and then bottle into bottles with a rubber stopper, and store in the freezer...

serve straight from the freezer, or mix it with tonic or soda water, add it to margaritas, sangria etc.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to make Booze part 1

Alright friends, its time for me to teach all of you how to make kick ass booze..
My Recipe is for Limoncello, a traditionally homemade liqueur in Italy.. Having made the normal recipe numerous times I have been changing it around a bit and trying different citrus'. The recipe following is made with limes, but lemons and oranges rock too..
-What You Will Need- (listed here is just what you need for the first step)
1. 25 or so limes, organic if you want, most of mine are but its not too important.
2. Two 750-milliliter bottles of pure grain alcohol. I use Everclear which is 151 proof if you buy it in California, the best Everclear comes from Oregon and is 192 proof, if you can get it. And, Yes I believe the 192 Proof batch I made was better.
3. a good vegetable peeler. The one in the picture rocks and is cheap as shit.
4. a medium sized glass container, I am not sure exactly how big it is, I have bought different sizes over the years from Cost Plus and also the Container Store.
Step One
Wash all of your limes and your container. Next peel all of your limes, all you want is the peel, not the pith, and stuff all the peels in your container. Add your 2 bottles of Everclear and make sure the peels are all covered.
Place your Jar in a cool dark place and shake once a day for 2 weeks..