Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A CloseMinded Stupid Person

So, today i noticed something that fucking pissed me off. As I'm going back to my car I noticed that someone keyed the shit out of my Iraqi Freedom Veteran sticker.. WTF!!! Honestly, this is probably the first time that I am almost ashamed to live in the Bay.. Fuckin A!!.... It wasn't my fucking idea to invade Iraq, so don't fucking blame me..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Tattoo Etc.

Hi everyone and anyone who reads this. So, Last thursday I got my newest tattoo. its just like the pic below of St. Michael. Also I had the Latin phrase Si vis pacem, para bellum on the back of my arms. It means if you want peace, prepare for war. Yes that is kinda morbid or dark.. Well sure, but I feel like it means that you have to be able to deal with the worst of things to get the best. Now, I know that I am not the best at dealing with shitty times in my own life, and that I am not the easiest person to get emotion out of... It is a rare person that has actually seen me mad.. I feel like there are much much worse things to get angry over but from my track of not getting mad, I'm not entirely sure what they are.. I think also that I know what I am capable of doing to a person physically (I have been trained to hurt people for 6 years). I think that I am scared of what I might do to someone and might not be able to stop myself where a normal person might.. I probably put up with more than I should and shrug things off that others would front about.. Having taken anti-depressants for almost 3 or so years I am probably emotionally turned off and fairly monotone in my emotional demeanor. I have also learned to keep things inside and put up walls, because this was needed to complete the greater good of the mission, whatever it may be.. Right now I'm just babbling. On a lighter note, I will be going to Berlin next month to referee an international lacrosse tournament. So I will get to spend about a week in Der Faterland..