Thursday, July 31, 2008


Want more than I'm being given, and want to Give more than is being received.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Collar Not for Popping

So I just finished, well almost finished a sweet, easy knitting project. At the encouragement and want of a certain lady friend, (you know who you are). She sent me a link to a great pattern. It also turns out that my wonderful friend PunkRawkPurl had made the same thingy at least 3 times. It is the Pattern "Fourteen" From YarnBallBoogie. I used a sweet Malabrigo aquarella, size 13 needles, but used the Brioche Pattern suggested by PunkRawkPurl called My Favorite. Super Quick, thick, easy scarfy. I finished it in a day, once I stopped messing up the pattern and yarning over the wrong direction.. Now I just need to find some buttons and weave in my edges. and Booyah.

Monday, July 14, 2008


So, searching for a job sucks.. I recently got back into the swing of applying and applying and applying. I'd have to say that finding a job is more work than a full time job.
Oh well, I recently went to the San Fran Renegade Craft fair, which was frickin sweet.. My best purchase was some awesome yarn from Spincycle yarns of Bellingham Wa.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Walked on or Generous

so, sitting here a little drunkies I had some thoughts...
I am a nice person... I have my moments when I do hurt people, but for probly 99% of the time I am the nicest person that I know... I am the type of person that would do basically anything for someone, most of all my friends but even for someone I just met... I would do anything for them and never ask anything in return...
You may say that I am just a sucker... or that I let people walk all over me... This may have some truth to it as well, I don't know....
Maybe nice guys do finish last... or maybe I just keep playing the pawn in someone else's game..
Maybe the fact that I just shrug my shoulders and accept things and other peoples decisions is impeding my life and the things that I want... Maybe I don't communicate what I want and that is why I don't get it..
Maybe if the people that I want closer in my life knew more of how I felt........ they wouldn't push me away....